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  • Graduating by June 2015 ??

    Then this site is a must for you.  All the important dates, tips and info about colleges, universities, apprenticeship and the workplace are here.

    Need info about post-secondary applications and acceptances?  Check out the Graduation Guide.

    Need financial help or plan to apply for scholarships?  Check out the Scholarship Guide.

    Keep current with the release of scholarship info and info sessions that will help you make the transition.

    Even if you are not graduating this year but would like to investigate your options and possibilities, enroll yourself,too.

    Mrs Haghighat

    Self enrolment
  • This site is for the colloboration of the guidance counsellors only.

  • This site is Grade 11 and 12 students who are in enrolled in our Specialist High Skills Major programme - Health and Wellness.

    We have 3 focus areas of interest:

    1. health - medical...

    2. care - community services/teaching...

    3. wellness - fitness, coaching...

    Students are from all 4 pathways: apprenticeship, college, university and workplace. Upon successful completion they will all graduate with a red seal on their diploma.

    For more information about this exciting programme, please see Ms Irfan in COOP - Room 229 or Ms Haghighat in Student Support Services.

    Self enrolment
  • This is general information available through Moodle for Pearson staff and students.

    Self enrolment

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